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Hope for the Future

I'm very thankful for Oakendell in many way but mostly for helping me to understand how to live among others again. I feel that the out of placement treatment or the once a week outpatient treatment compared to placement is a significant difference. for one your being removed from the community and put into a controlled environment and being helped to understand and deal with the issues that u are having instead of the once a week out patient treatment were u go to talk to a therapist and u go straight back to the problem and issues and u are to learning to change. you don't get the chance to learn the material and apply before you go back and relapse. with placement you get the chance to learn and gain tools to change the negative behavior and you are given situations to apply the tools u learned and become a productive citizen.

if i hadn't been given the chance to be part of the oakendell treatment program I don't know what would have happened to me, honestly probably prison of drugs and gangs idk. all I know is that because of oakendell I have learned to control my anger and learn to be productive in society. I currently have two stable jobs I've been working at one for two years and most recently started my other job I was going to school and plan to go back in the winter I have made healthy relationships with others and will continue to strive and grow.

my goals are to keep striving and becoming an MRI and one day after start a family but for now I will keep working and making my car payment and paying rent and maintaining my jobs. I'm am very thankful for the opportunity to be part of oakendell and the help that they gave me to be the person I am today

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