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About Us

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Oakendell is the premier trauma informed residential treatment facility within the state of California.

Nestled within a secluded valley of 124 aches, Oakendell offers the peace and tranquility needed by
troubled youth to heal from their own traumas, and to have the space to work through their emotional, behavioral and cognitive issues that led them to carry out their offense/s.

Steve and Carol Mertens started serving trouble youth in 1980.  With close to 40 years of experience, Oakendell‘s specialized treatment program and trauma informed therapeutic milieu setting focuses on the whole person, making sure to work toward healing any previously held traumas that might interfere with the process of recovery.

Oakendell’s approach of treating the whole person focuses on cognitive and emotional health, physical well-being, and life skills development. The treatment program has been developed using research and evidence based practices, as well as the experience gained by working directly with traumatized youth for nearly 40 years.

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