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Oakendell’s vocational program is designed to teach the residents to effectively manage their responsibilities, to take pride in their work, and to understand their role in supporting a healthy community.

All residents support the Oakendell community by participating in household chores. To help develop a strong work ethic, residents are offered the opportunity to take a paid chore. The paid chores are a technique of teaching real-world job integrity. As residents become successful with their household chores and paid chores, they begin to develop self-confidence and a sense of self-worth.

To build on their successes, Oakendell partners with community organizations to provide volunteer opportunities for the residents. Residents who have achieved a high level of success in the program are offered the opportunity to be employed by local businesses. This gives the residents the opportunity to practice their new skills in a real world setting, while still receiving support and guidance from the staff at Oakendell.

Community Service
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