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Independent Living Skills Program

Every day at Oakendell is filled with opportunities to learn independent living skills.  The Independent Living Skills  (ILS)

Program begins in the morning with basic hygiene routines and household chores, and continues throughout the day.  The residents help prepare meals and clean up afterwards.  They participate in the maintenance of the property, assisting staff with repairs and improvements as needed. 


As residents progress in the program, they are given the opportunity to live at the Transition, Emancipation, and Achievement (TEA) House.  The TEA House has been designed to emulate a real life shared living environment.  The residents learn to cooperate while managing all aspects of the house, under the careful, full-time, guidance of our trained staff. The residents continue to develop their skills in cooking,  cleaning, menu planning, grocery shopping, laundry, time management, and self-care. 


They also work to further develop their interdependent living skills as they negotiate living with one another.  The TEA House residents are encouraged to support the Oakendell community by mentoring the newer residents living at the Main House.


The ILS Program also includes classes on topics such as banking, money management, educational opportunities, college prep, resume writing, interview skills and much more.

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